Daddy at work...

2002-2004: Real-Time Systems (Raytheon, Marlboro)

1999-2001: Gazelle lead architect. Gazelle is a high performance graphic framework currently used for Air Traffic Control (Raytheon, Marlboro)

1997-1998: PRT 2000 (Personal Rapid Transit), using C++ (Raytheon, Marlboro)

1996-1997: Re-engineering an Air Defense System according to the Object-Oriented paradigm (Oerlikon Aerospace, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu)

1995-1996: National Defense project using Ada95 (Department of National Defense, Ottawa)

1994-1995: Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (Hughes, Vancouver)

1991-1994: Global Positioning System for the Boeing 777 (Marconi, Montreal)

1989-1991: Flight Control Primary Computer for Airbus A330/A340 (Aerospatiale Toulouse)

1988: Cryptographic Research (Shlumberger Montrouge)

1988: Post graduate (third cycle) degree in Information Processing and Simulation (DEA), Paris XI-Orsay University.
1987: Masters in Electronic, Electrotechnic and Automatism (EEA), Paris XI-Orsay University.

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